Tekk Spexx # 5 – Generate a RSS feed link, if there is no RSS feed available

Another question which might come to mind, after you followed through with everything, mentioned in the prior article and added all the websites, you love to check on a daily basis, in the RSS reader of your choice, for your personal private use, might be the following:

What if I can’t find a RSS feed, or there is no public RSS feed available?

You can use certain open source, or paid RSS feed link generators and generate RSS feed links and add those to the RSS reader of your choice. One paid tool you might use, is:

The RSS.app can generate RSS feeds for you, to add into the RSS reader of your choice, as mentioned here.

If you prefer to use a self-hosted open source solution, you can use RSS bridge and install the web application on a subdomain, under your main domain name, via your webspace provider. You can find inexpensive webspace providers via point 4. of the following article. In case, you can’t, or, for whatever reason, don’t want to have your own domain and webspace, you can use a public instance of RSS bridge, to generate the RSS feed link, for the RSS feed reader of your choice.

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