Tekk Spexx # 4 – How to find RSS feeds in the public domain

Since you may have read the prior article in this series, because you want to save a lot of time, by streamlining your daily news consumption, the first question which may come to mind, after everything is installed and configured, might be:

How do I find RSS feeds in the public domain?

That’s not hard to determine. You can check for the RSS feed symbol button, usually on the right hand side in the address line of your web browser. If this symbol is not available for whatever reason, you can check and look for RSS content by checking the following standard RSS addresses in your browser. Just insert the domain address, you’ve visited, or are interested in, in the address line of your browser and add /feed/ or /rss/ to the address of the domain, for example https://open-fab.org/feed/ or https://open-fab.org/rss/. As you can see, both addresses yield a valid result for the RSS feed. Just add the valid address result in the RSS reader solution of your choice, mentioned in the prior article. If you’ll try that on other websites, one syntax might be valid, and the other may not and yield an error message. Or you’ll have to look for an XML file, etc. on the website you want to add to your RSS reader.

Every website which provides RSS feeds, following a special syntax, like the one mentioned above, can be considered as in the public domain. Other sites and services, which make their RSS feeds available to the public, when you can access the content of the service, as external visitor, without the need to login, might use another syntax, to access their RSS news feeds. To learn more about websites and services, which kindly provide their visitors with RSS feeds, in the public domain, since years, or even over a decade, you can read the following two helpful articles, which explain the syntax of some of the most used and awesome services on the internet, here and here.

Furthermore, most of the corporate media news portals, might provide a special page on their website, where they list all of their RSS news feeds, they make available to the public domain, for daily lecture. Please check the terms and conditions of the respective websites. Just be on the lookout for a special RSS section, or search for the term “RSS”, on their website and add the desired RSS feed links of your choice, listed on their RSS page, to one of the news readers mentioned in the prior article. Just point your mouse to the respective RSS link on their site, press the right mouse button, select “copy link location” and add/paste the link into your RSS reader.

It’s not hard, to be on the lookout for the special RSS buttons in your browser, or check for the RSS syntax, mentioned above, in the address line of your web browser and make it a habit, because it will save you a lot of your valuable time, for your effective and efficient news research, in the future. The author of this article uses these methods, since years and over a decade by now, on a nearly daily basis, to save time, for other, more important tasks, than opening a dozen, or more tabs in the web browser, to check the relevant news sources, daily. This little bit of pattern recognition on websites, will make your news research, so much easier and effective….

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