Contribute as an author and staff member

The site staff is currently looking forward to enhance the site experience for the visitors, of this massive project, with the main focus on open source solutions, presented in the respective categories on the frontend of this promising project and is therefore looking for 2-4, well trained, well mannered, able minded men or women, who are willing to take this project to next level and will contribute their own blog articles in the respective spheres of their proficiency.

Since the project is currently undergoing a testing phase, as you can see here, the cooperation will be on a voluntary basis without a salary, for now. However, since it is planned that blog articles should contain solid information about specific topics, the respective authors will have to present all the information in a SEO friendly way, in order to attract more visitors to this website project. The tools for this job are integrated into this project already, so these skills can be acquired in no time at all, if not existant in a sufficient way, yet. Feel free to screen the blog section of this website to find out what will be required.

It is furthermore intended, that, should an agreement for further cooperation be reached, the authors of their respective articles, will be allowed to incorporate their own affiliate, or service links into the articles, on a healthy scale, so they can start earning some money, once upon in time, in the future, maybe. Further details can be sorted out, after the first contact via the contact form. The authors chosen for the job, will get an additional free club membership worth 10 Euros a month, or 120 Euros a year, with the ability to decide on the future of this open source project, as part of the club team.

Contribute as a club member

Since it is intended to keep the information in the respective sections of this open source community free and open to the public, the most important way to contribute and help our open source community project, is to join the club and become a member. There are several stages of membership available for you. Don’t hesitate, work for a positive change, join the club and contribute your skills to the future of our open source community! You can choose the level of your participation and community support of our society via patreon and ko-fi!

Contribute by sharing on social media

You can also help our great open source computing society, by sharing the address of this website and the articles and blog posts you like most on social media, frequently, via the social media sharing buttons, below the blog posts, or the respective article pages. Don’t hesitate! The open source community needs your support! The site staff is happy about every support! Thank you very much!

Most important ways to contribute and help our open source community project.