Since the name UTOPIA TOMORROW for this article series was not determined in part #1 of this series, it is now! The original idea for this part of the series was first pointed out by an article, which mentioned the series Utopia and was published at the end of 2020, approximately. The original link could not be recovered, unfortunately, so it could not be included within this article. Feel free to drop a note via the contact form, if you came accross the original article link, so it can be added!

Let’s first have a closer look at the following questions. What is predictive programming? And who might have coined that phrase? Must have been a so called “conspiracy theorist“, who might have been aware about certain techniques on how to influence people? According to the sources here and here, it was coined by Alan Watt, to a certain extent. How is the term predictive programming defined?

Quote: “Predictive programming is a subtle form of psychological conditioning provided by the media to acquaint the public with planned societal changes to be implemented by our leaders. If and when these changes are put through, the public will already be familiarized with them and will accept them as natural progressions, thus lessening possible public resistance and commotion.”


Since this series has an interactive storyline, as well, let’s have a closer look at a series UTOPIA, which aired in the UK 2013-2014 and was remade by Amazon where it is available on Amazon prime since 2020, to get a glimpse of how predictive programming could look like in practical terms, if it exists, presumably. Why was the Amazon remake cancelled after one season of eight episodes? Feel free to watch the original series aired in the UK in 2013-2014, via the following links! Viewer discretion is advised! Part 1 of Season 1 is age restricted, so you’ll have to log into Youtube via the original link below the upper video, which is recommended to understand the whole storyline!

Don’t get agitated by the violence within this series, because it looks like UTOPIA could be taking place in similar fashion, normalized already, maybe more subtle, on a worldwide scale TODAY. Could it revert to some spin magicians within their ivory towers, possibly?

After watching the series above, you may return to this website at any time and watch the analysis videos below, in order to get a better understanding of the methods used within the series. Those are pointed out in the first video on top. The other two videos below cover the Amazon remake of the series. Spoiler alert! Don’t watch the links below, if you don’t want to diminish the experience of the original series, if you haven’t watched it, yet. After watching the analysis below, feel free to particpate in the quiz below the analysis, if you’re interested in additional information on that topic, via a mind blowing additional documentary series, from a historical point of view.

Utopia Tommorrow #2 - Analysis

Do you want to see the analysis of the UTOPIA series aired in the UK 2013-2014 and the Amazon remake?

After reviewing all the information presented above, what do you think? Does predictive programming exist, or is it a mere conspiracy theory, like it’s claimed to be, by certain individuals, about subliminal messages, as well? Which impact does it have on our world view today, if it exists? Should we take notice of it and how could we handle it for ourselves in our daily lives in the future? Never read main stream media, watch TV, or listen to radio shows, again? Really? Or should we inform ourselves about who’s interests may be represented where, before exposing ourselves to certain kinds of media, so we’re at least aware of possible influences and develop our own media competence?

Utopia Tommorow #2 - Quiz

So what is your opinion? Does predictive programming exist or not?

So what’s next? In which kind of a world do we want to live tomorrow? Shouldn’t we first reflect about the potential current “status quo” we find ourselves in, first? You’ll have to decide for yourself! Maybe this article helped you to get a little bit more sensitive about potential techniques of influence and potential manipulation, as well as how to determine honest and authentic information! The loudest gorillas roaring in the jungle first, aren’t always right! Living in fear of that potential roar might cause problems! Political correctness and loyality towards concepts with blurry and fogged definitions, which may change at any time, if needed, may not always be helpful!

Who and what brought us into the situation we’re facing today? Do your own research! You can start your journey with a very interesting recent analysis by the Corbett Report below and read the following articles here, here, here and here. Think for yourself!

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To be continued and updated….