Introducing the fresh interactive satirical series “Comment Da News”, on this website, reflecting the current “Zeitgeist”, in order to share some thoughts on the recent development worldwide, because of the complicated situtation with “free speech” these days as a common, non celebrity, so called “normie”, these days. As you might have noticed, Russel Brand recently made an interesting piece about “Chip Tuning”. Or shall we call it “Chip Sloth”, instead? Feel free to watch it below.

It’s astonishing how the swedish gal, in that PR clip outtakes, unwaverlingly claimed that this technology is put into animals for 20 years and she’s not worried, therefore. This reminded me on information I read about a decade ago or so ago, without giving it much notice in my subconscious mind, back than, because who would be so digustingly ignorant and try that “amazing technology” on humans? So what was that information about, back then? Let’s have a closer look at some information which surfaced, back in the days, shall we?

According to news articles in the past, it turned out, that up to approximately 10% of those “chip tuned” animals may have developed cancer, after the injection process, as you can read here, here and here. Yes, but the tech got far better since back in the days, right? Really? Well, who would inject his beloved puppy with that kind of “convenient amazing tried and tested technology” and potentially impose unneccesary expensive bills by a veterinarian upon themselves, since pets usually don’t have health insurance, to the best of the author’s knowledge, anyway, if there may be a reasonable doubt about the potential safety and health implications of such devices? What would your puppy tell you, if it could speak to you?

Well, the owners of the pets might not have known better, or simply believed the wrong information? And besides, the chances for the puppy not getting cancer are better than the outcome of potential russian roulette, since only up to one out of ten pets might get that nasty cancer, allegedly, right? Bad luck if your puppy was amongst it? What about animals grown for meat issues? Aren’t these “chip tuned” on a regular basis, as well? Hmm, do these live long enough for developing cancer?

Someone who may be interested a lot in enhancing the capabilties of our beloved animals, comes to mind, via the research of his company on that matter! Wouldn’t it be great to enhance your pets, so they may talk to you directly, one day in the future? This team might also have taken a closer, well founded scientific look in an open outcome procedure, whether those brain implants may eventually cause cancer in those monkeys, because that’s all what open science is about, for sure, of course?

Wonder how well the “test subjects”, mentioned above, fare these days? Don’t we owe ourselves, our beloved ones and our puppys honest due dilligence into that matter, before following certain potential artificial convenience media hypes around certain matters? Don’t you think cancer surgery on the physical body of a “test subject” goes along with tremendous pain?

So what’s the point of all that? Aside from Russel’s awesome analysis and spontaneous answers, isn’t it amazing how similar issues reappear on a more or less regular basis with a new convenience spin to it, within certain cycles, when certain agendas seem to be furthered gradually? Are we actually talking about an open outcome science procedure, here, or profit schemes, or other agendas? Time will tell…. The potential victims of those hypes usually don’t seem to appear on main stream media, very often. What might be the reason for it? Let’s hope that swedish hype won’t take off too much and cause another chip shortage in the process, or even worse, human casualties, before it gets further examinded by an open outcome science procedure in depth, in a comprehensive way, worldwide….

Certain corporate owners and early investors of company stocks traded on the stock market, could have a lot of stock to dump, once the stock price of their investment went high enough, after certain potential media hypes. Maybe some governments would want to give them a hand and get some “free” stock packages in the process, or simply possibly boost the stock price with special government contracts, with potential tax payer money, who knows? Keep in mind the possibility, that wealth isn’t necessarily destroyed by a stock market crash, it’s merely transfered to someone else, who got in early enough, selling off, realizing profits! Isn’t it similar to an ponzi scheme, where early investors are paid off by those investing later, then? Let’s not forget the old saying: “He who pays the piper calls the tune”, as mentioned here! Who are the pipers? Depends on the situation and who’s invested where? Maybe. Russel Brand pointed the situation out admirably in his video below.

What would you do, if you would have been unknowingly persuaded into that kind of “chip tunig” or “chip sloth” field trial, without proper information about the risks involved, by those advertising it, prior to your written specific consent? What would you do, if you, or your beloved puppy developed an aggressive form of cancer in the process, after your consent, without being properly informed about the risks involved in advance? Get cancer treatment with products of the medical industrial complex, some developed long ago, making them even wealthier, potentially? Let the site staff know, in the survey below…. Your opinion counts !!! No price in form of a “free one year club membership”, today….

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