Dear reader, you may have noticed, the new section about history and historical events, was added to the view on “society” category, within the menu bar below the website header, because the site staff thinks, it is important to analyze history and learn from the past in order to shape the future in a better fashion and avoid mistakes of the past.

It is very disturbing, how uninterested and illiterate most of the general public is, in regards of history, unfortunately. This is even more alarming, when certain entities, in the shadows, which were active in the past and present times certainly prooved what they were capable of, in a very negative sense, are mostly ignored in our present times, while they still exist and allegedly harm humanity.

So what can we do to improve the situation? Let’s inform ourselvers and analyze the entities in the shadows, that shaped our past with very negative outcomes and probe, how those entities evolved and how they are currently active in our present times. Let’s then reflect, if we really would like those entities, to dictate our future, out of the shadows, by allegedly influencing the legal political process, over and over, again.

Aren’t most of us for a free and fair market, without conflict of interest and front running with alleged manipulation of mainstream media on TV and elsewhere? How do the personal portfolios of bureaucrats, politicians and the press, making far reaching descisions for almost everyone of the general population, look like these days, and why? He who pays the piper calls the tune? Let’s debate all the personal portfolios of bureaucrats, politicians, the press and their kindred, alike? But how? Very naive and wishful thinking, right? Where are some of those alleged influential roots of certain miseries, we face nowadays?

In order to answer and accomplish (inform & analyze) that and improve the situation, the site staff has decided, to start a new series called, “History Buffs #“! Let’s first start with a little reflection and study of our current situation. It is really astonishing, how even the so called “alternative media” and some of their alleged “gatekeepers”, ignored these structures in the shadows up to now, as you can see from the view counts of the interviews and lecture below, on Youtube, even though the original lecture took place approximately a decade ago, as you can see via the original links.

Please take your time and watch the interview above, to get a glimpse of our current situation. Please ignore that “funny little” western european english accent, since the substance of the information is far more important, than the packaging. Take your time and be mindful of the information, because it is important for the lecture in the second part below, which will unlock the historical roots of certain entities, which operated from within the shadows, partly disguised, under the cover of so called “science”.

Now, that you have seen, how the word “science” was and is still abused, as a cover, in order to maximize profits for certain entities, without much regard for human life. Let’s just call those entities petro-chemical-pharma cartel from now on. You can have a look into the broader definition of the word “science” and “scientific” and it’s origins from a ethno cultural and historical point of view, below. Please take your time to reflect on that, as well. Thank you for your attention, in a time of ever shorter attention spans and distractions. Hope, this information will help you in the future.

This concludes part #1 of this fresh series. You can deepen your insights and do your own additional due diligence, after watching the interviews and lectures above, by visiting the following link. The next parts of the series may include a quiz with a FREE one year membership to our open source computer club, worth 120 Euros, as a prize for one of the first repliers to the quiz, so stay tuned. Cya, for the next part of the series “History Buffs #“, soon!

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