Since some time after the first post of this series, which started with Night of the living dead, has passed, it’s about time to continue this series with another highlight in the public domain, which was colorized with AI aided computing, as well. Today’s pick is “The last man on earth” starring Vincent Price and Franca Bettoia.

In order to promote the awesome work, the maintainers of the TCC – Timeless Classics Now in Color youtube channel did, there will be fresh follow up posts with links to some really amazing black and white film classics remakes on this website, in the future, as well. Please be aware, that the scenario of the storyline may be a little bit nerve wrecking, so viewer discretion is advised!

EXCLUSIVE: TCC – Timeless Classics Now in Color – The last man on earth

Watch the black and white original below:

Original link:

You may activate subtitles of your preferred language on Youtube, of course!

The survival skills of the main character as a scientist, are quite astonishing and the preparedness level of the character went into a certain kind of robotic routine, without much reflection, over time, it seems and was quite impressively showing what science and scientists are capable of, actually. You, too can improve your personal preparedness knowledge circumspective, like that last scientist standing.

For better comparison with the black and white original, from a technical point of view, you can watch the complete coloured version below.

Original link:

Let’s hope the AI didn’t add and encode subliminal messages into the content, which Hollywood and mainstream TV would never do, as you can see below, right? Every other assertion to the contrary would be crude conspiracy theory, naturally, of course?

Original link:

So there is no need to worry, in regard of Hollywood movies, as you can see below.

Original link:

And who would do anything like that on TV prior to important events, right?

Original link:

So? No need to worry, at all! Never underestimate the inertia of human perception! Watch your telly and let others tell you what to do and think! Total control freaks may not even get, nor acknowledge that irony, themselves!

TCC - The last man on earth, colorized with AI aided computing.

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