Since this website foremost is about IT, Linux, computing, music production and open source, etc., this somehow includes classic movies in the public domain, which have been reworked with the help of AI, some of you may have noticed a recent link in the feature film section of this website, which points to the youtube channel of TCC – Timeless Classics Now in Color.

The most interesting thing for people, who are thrilled about the most recent development in the AI supported computing sphere, may be, that the maintainers of the channel took old black and white films in the public domain and colorized the whole classic movies with the help of AI aided computing.

In order to promote the awesome work the maintainers of the TCC – Timeless Classics Now in Color – Youtube channel did, there will be a fresh feature series with links to some really amazing black and white classic film remakes on this website. Awesome!!! Isn’t it?

Let’s start this series with an all time independent film highlight called: Night of the living dead! The colourized version of the movie is for people 18+ on Youtube, so you need to login first and be aware that you’re giving away your personal data to Youtube/Google, once logged in, sorry about that…. 🙁

EXCLUSIVE: TCC - Timeless Classics Now in Color - Night of the living dead

Nevertheless you can preview a short clip here, below.

Original link:

You may activate subtitles of your preferred language on Youtube, of course!

Watch the complete coloured version here:

Original link:

For better comparison with the coloured results, from a technical point of view, you can watch the black and white original below.

Original link:

Amazing how the characters of the movie fought off an overwhelming count of adversaries in a completely unprepared and desperate situation the whole night long, out of the blue…. Isn’t it? What if they had been better prepared, ahead of time?

Original Link:

Have a nice sunday! Cya, for the next edition, check the feature film section on this website, frequently, feel free to contribute and subscribe to the TCC – Timeless Classics Now in Color channel on Youtube, if you like the content and support their awesome work.