There are a lot of messaging apps and social media portals on the market these days, many of those owned by Big Tech companies and managed in a monolithic centralised way. Your data, you consent to give, by joining these services is monetized in a way theses providers desire for their own good. Your good does not necessarily play a bigger, or any part in those calculations.

Not convinced? Please have a look at the documentaries below. It may help you seeing things more clear….

The state of social media today

Have a nice an thoughtful weekend about the machines we use everyday, while others are profiting in a massive way.

Sources of the videos above: Found on Videos hosted on Petabox by

Nevertheless there’s some light at the end of the tunnel, since not every project Big Tech tries to establish is successful, as you can see on the website These companies have their own lists of unsuccessful projetcs. Even Youtube was no original development by Google. The same is valid for Whatsapp, Oculus and Instagram which were swallowed by the former Facebook octopus which morphed into Meta. And Skype? Swallowed by Microsoft, right? Big tech simply buys it’s competitors and the competition, all too often, with big impacts, not only for the privacy of the general public.

To be continued and updated….

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