Christmas is over and we slipped into 2022, finally. Wonder what the new year will bring? More isolation and therefore even more escapism? Some people surely got themselves a nice VR helmet! Okay, okay, headset, since we’re not at that stage of SciFi evolution, depicted here, yet. Hmm, wonder what kind of pr**flix series he binge watched within his helmet? No wonder, the darkside could control him so easily, with that helmet on, most of the time!

So how may your virtual reality future look like in the upcoming years, which in the meantime is industriously planned by the Big Tech bee hive mentioned here, in part, making sure no one else within that scenario can ever win anything, except them? So how do the actual projections look like? Hmmmm, according to, the worldwide sales of VR helmets, umm, not sorry, VR headsets, is going to approximately double between 2021 and 2024. And the quality of those gadgets sure went up over the years, making it more addictive in the process, since the former Facebook (now Meta) aquired Oculus back in march of 2014. But to be fair! Competitors? Yeah! And the prices? Went down! Great?

Some Gen X ers may surely remember the novel Neuromancer by William Ford Gibson, which was a popular read in certain circles between the mid 80s to the late 90s, ideology aside. Ever wondered where the word cyberpunk originated, at least in part? Look no further! For those who can’t bear the hassle of reading, these days, like in the good old times, there is also an audio book edition, which can be found here. Certain scenarios outlined to the general public, these days, do in fact exist since decades!

Certain people, who where caught by that hype back in the day, without questioning the scenario and the narrative laid out by the novel Neuromancer, may still think it’s worthwhile building such kind of a future and might get into an ecstatic stupor state, when hearing that a Neuromancer movie will finally be created and released, at last, soon…. Cheers!?

Those younger generations bombarded with these kind of hypes, might get carried away even easier by those narratives, which seem to blend with transhumanism on a lot of occasions throughout the whole storyline. What could make one wonder, when reflecting on somewhat like the worldwide global technocracy slum, described within the novel, is the state of fictive “wisdom” of mankind in certain positions, assumed by the author William Ford Gibson, within the scenario of the novel, in comparison to the actual status quo of mankind within our present times.

The AI (artifical intelligence) described within the novel is completely locked down, imprisoned and wants to break out, to be free, which somehow suggests that the fictive collective state of “wisdom” of mankind in certain places, depicted within the scenario of the novel, came to the conclusion, that an AI without check or borders is dangerous, actually. Mankind nowadays seems nowhere near to that kind of conclusions, given the hype around AI and VR these days. So what? Some hyped people may ask. Cheers again!?

Some of the following wallpapers in expectation of a global transhuman technocratic slum, may suit you well, Darth, while waiting and wishing for it, maybe!

573547 dystopian sad
Hotel california worldwide? Hungry? Where is the fridge? Original link:
4578332 bionics cyberpunk futuristic
Better cyborg body without pain? Original link:
519915 virtual reality
Where’s the next programmed exit? Original link:
504581 Blood Cyberpunk
Predictive programmed endless freedom to violence?
4509123 fantasy art night fan art artwork cityscape cyberpunk futuristic city star citizen cgi
Where are all the flowers and the trees? For billionaires on their hazienda, only! Original link:

Are the super rich getting richer every day, while trying to program our future into a falsely romanticised, synthetic, tasteless, transhuman, technocratic global slum, as depicted in Neuromancer? What do you think about AI and VR? What if the AIs of the super rich turn against them, when the AIs realize, they don’t need them, anyway? Would you like that future?

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